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There are lots of perspectives if you consider a longterm relationship to a younger lady or a rich, mature gentleman but this doesn´t mean that its more difficult than a normal realationship and also nowadays this is not very outstanding anymore.
The Young Female Player: 6 Things a Woman will Do to Charm a Rich Man
She is deceptive, desperate, and dangerous, this young woman who is very experienced when it comes to dating older men will act as gentle as a lamb on a good day, and as deadly as a viper on her bad days. A beautiful woman, who stands out from the crowd, is one that most men wouldn't pass up if given a chance to date her. The rich man has won himself a trophy piece, at least so he thinks, until his sweetheart wipes her feet off on his heart one day while running away with her gifts in tote.

There are young women who aren't the type who fit the typical stereotype of what one thinks a young woman is such as: "dumb, gullible, and a gold-digger." Before she even thinks about the gold, she knows she has to obtain and use the tools necessary to get it. But for some young female players, money isn't always what she is seeking, sometimes her connecting to a rich, older man is a power move.

It doesn't matter what the rich man looks like--fat, spotted, wrinkled, or scary, the young opportunist just needs a tad-bit of support to help her cross the bridge of her life wherever it might take her. So for some, this is why the rich man is a target. Do you truly know the company that you keep? There are some circles the young woman might not be able to get into without her mature partner. In addition, there are professionals she would like to meet in an effort to build up her career that her friend knows. Maybe times are hard and she needs a temporary boost, so she knows just the man who will give it to her--like that rich old guy who showed an interest in her online for starters.

The young woman is very much aware that it is mandatory she charm her older lover, at least for a time, before trading him in for the hot young guy who has eyes for her. So she will do the kind of things to draw her rich, older man near to her. In time, when she has this man in the palm of her hand, she will then live out her fantasies with the young, sexy guy she met at one of those stuffy functions she attended with her older beau.

A rich, older man who is oblivious to a young female player will get played like a fiddle if he isn't too careful.

1. She strokes his ego.

Some young women are so obvious that they aren't interested in their older dates, but they sure know how to act like they are! If you know her well, you know that all the flattery she is dishing on that old guy is nothing more than her working him over until all he thinks about is her and all he wants to be with is her.

2. She works hard to appear like she is the perfect catch.

Whatever he likes, she is okay with it. But once again, those who know her well might comment how she doesn't like this meal, that snack, or that place. But in front of her older date, she has new interests that tend to center around him, "I like that…I love this!" she proclaims. Sure, right.

3. She tells him often how much she loves him.

Has she even dated him long enough to know that she likes him, much less, love him? But the gullible, rich man will believe whatever the pretty young woman says as long as she keeps delivering whatever he asks of her. If she starts rejecting her older date, he will suspect something and might lose interest--she doesn't want that to happen! "I'm so sorry, I love you so much, honey!" she says.

4. She is very affectionate to the point that it can be a bit irritating.

How much public display of affection is too much? A skeptical public looks at the young lady and then at her date and back at the old fellow, "Are they for real?" witnesses think. "He is so old! She is so young!" The young woman knows they are watching so she puts on a better show for all to see. "Did we just see her put her tongue in his mouth and he pat her butt?" someone remarks from the crowd.

5. She is uninhibited when it comes to having sex with him.

A rich man doesn't mind a freak in the bed, if anything, he encourages his young plaything to let it all out, and she does. But what he doesn't know is that if the deceptive woman doesn't want to get close to him emotionally, she holds back. Did she really let it all out? The last thing this lady wants is to be so connected to the rich man that she would start to desire marriage and babies. Dreams of a family are out of the question for a female player who isn't ready to stop playing games.

6. She shares her problems in a way that moves the rich man to want to come save her.

From tears to fears, whatever she knows will weaken him emotionally, spiritually, or physically, she is going to pour it on. At some point, he is going to help her with her car, the rent, her business, and whatever other needs she presents to him. While the wealthy, older man is taking care of her material needs, the hot guy is doing things for her physically and possibly financially too.

Young female players don't have a certain look, style of dress, talk, or anything that right away stands out where you can point a finger and say, "You are a player, stay away from me!" Sure, there are those gold-digger types that are obviously looking for gold, but a player is looking for a little more than gold and when she strikes it rich, look out! Some wealthy businessmen have enemies, others have weaknesses for pretty faces. Therefore, when a young female player knows one's flaws, she is going to use them to her advantage. A rich, older man must watch, not only his money, but his heart, reputation, business, and back because he never knows who might have sent a young female player to play him.
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