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There are lots of perspectives if you consider a longterm relationship to a younger lady or a rich, mature gentleman but this doesn´t mean that its more difficult than a normal realationship and also nowadays this is not very outstanding anymore.
10 Signs Your Rich Man is No Longer Interested in You
It was a nice run while it lasted, but all things come to an end. The rich man who once was fond of his pretty young woman, excited about going places with her, and very interested in her life and the people she knows is acting distant. He appears to be bored with you. When asked is he okay, he says, "Sure." He drops clues that he wants his young date to stop coming around so often, ease up on the phone calls, and find some other things to do. Some women just don't see the signs when men are no longer interested in them. They will fight to stay near, persuade, beg, or act rudely just to stay in their rich lover's life. But when a man has had enough of a woman, he wants her gone and he won't spare her feelings the longer she sticks around.

1. The rich man starts complaining about things that he once found sweet, nice and great about you.

He never said anything negative when you did or said certain things in the past, but now he finds fault with the food you make, the way you clean, and how you dress. You think, "What is up with him?" the truth is nothing concerning you is up with him and now he is seeking ways to put you down, so that you will lose interest and go away. Some men can't sit down and act adult about things so they handle their emotions like children and explain what they don't like about others through temper tantrums.

2. He spends more time in front of the TV then talking to you.

If you are finding the television is more important than speaking to you, you must question whether you want a couch potato for a mate. Everyone is entitled to unwind, but when he won't bother to sit down long enough and listen to you or share things with you about his thoughts, interactions with others, or much else on any given day, you might want to know is he really that into you?

3. He stops taking you out to places, buying you things or helping you when you need him.

When opportunity after opportunity comes up and the rich man isn't interested in taking you anywhere like he use to, you have to wonder who is he hiding from and what is it about you that he doesn't want to go anywhere with you anymore? He also will follow up his lack of interest in going out with you by not buying you things anymore or aiding you when you are in need.

4. He finds excuses not to participate in the things you like, and will actually make fun of them.

When one is trying to make a good impression on his or her love interest, the last thing the date is going to do is insult, ridicule, or act mean-spirited toward him or her. If he wasn't always like this, but recently started acting ugly, you have got to wonder is he even a little bit interested in keeping you around.

5. He frequently has negative things to say about you to your face and behind your back to others.

From what you look like--which he didn't have a problem with your appearance before to how much he doesn't like this thing or that thing about you, this man obviously isn't interested in building any future with you and doesn't care about harming your reputation with others. You might want to end this relationship as soon as possible before he says something really hurtful to or about you.

6. You catch him in lies and when you approach him about them, he admits he lied and acts disrespectfully.

Some men don't care that they have been caught in some lies, and if he is telling you quite boldly in so many ways, "I don't care what you think of me?" Know that he has little, if any, respect for the relationship. The best thing you can do is break it off.

7. He isn't interested in you spending time getting to know his family and vice versa.

There are those dates desperate to be in a relationship that they don't ever bother meeting relatives and friends. If you have been with your date for quite some time and he makes up all sorts of excuses as to why you can't meet certain relatives, there is a good possibility that he doesn't see you as anything more than a lover for the time being that he could be growing weary of. When he doesn't seem interested in having sex with you anymore or is having sex with you in a way that is more hurtful than loving, he is letting you know he wants out.

8. When you ask him things about himself, he no longer wants to share information.

It doesn't matter what you ask of him, he isn't interested in talking to you anymore. This is a good indication that he has moved on and he doesn't want you a part of his private life anymore.

9. He is often irritated or angry with you for no apparent reason.

You have repeatedly asked him is he mad about something or what is wrong? He ignores you, digresses or gets upset. Is there any reason for all of the negative emotions? Don't worry yourself over his rude behavior, move on.

10. He no longer talks about a future with you and will keep "we" out of his future plans.

The writing is on the wall when a man isn't living his life like he wants to be with you. Why make plans when you can clearly see he is more interested in work, dating other people, and living his life apart from you.
Some women will try hard to keep their rich dates in their lives because of what they have been doing for them. But when a man stops giving, acts rudely or impatient with you, and doesn't seem to want to be with you, much less talk to you, he is letting you know he wants to move on without you. Don't act like a fool when this happens, be the lady that you are and live your life the way you see fit without the drama from a man who simply can't break it off with you in a normal way with the least amount of headache.
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