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Welcome to "Marry rich man" - lots of interesting and important information concerning relationships with younger women and mature, rich men, Millionaires and Sugardaddies.

There are lots of perspectives if you consider a longterm relationship to a younger lady or a rich, mature gentleman but this doesn´t mean that its more difficult than a normal realationship and also nowadays this is not very outstanding anymore.
When the Rich Man Insists on Getting What He Wants
Some men are powerful, known around the world, and use to people doing what they say or else. When dating wealthy men, a young woman must know that some older men will exercise their control over her and will expect her to submit to him or else. There are those young women who avoid such things as: rape, murder, or death simply because they watched for signs that something just wasn't right with their older dates.

One of the first things that the rich and powerful will do when dealing with those who aren't as successful as they, is make their presence be known. The rich gentleman may not come right out and say who he is or what he does, but you will feel his authority, you will know that there is something about him that is different than most men. For some women, they are impressed by this, while others not so much, because they detect a controlling personality somewhere and will start looking the other way.

Some rich men know how to persuade young women into doing things they rather not through a variety of tactics which are similar to those they use when dealing with: business partners, employees, co-workers, even members of civic and non-profit groups, as well as others. He will expect complete respect and submission from a young woman, even when he isn't right in his decisions, disrespectful to others, and really could care less about her.

To complicate matters, some rich men have mental health issues, and this is where some can be quite dangerous. These men might use alcohol, drugs, or prescription medicines to quell their issues or may go about their lives doing nothing at all for their handicaps including visiting doctors. Whether the rich man has contracted an incurable sexually transmitted disease that drives him crazy, inherited an illness from his parents, or is failing in managing his health issues, the older man might allow his imaginings to run wild to the point that they may further aggravate his illnesses, put him in jail, mentally and/or physically break someone else down, or worse cause a premature death. The rich, powerful man may start to think of some things he could do with a young woman that isn't the least bit morally right. An all-too-willing desperate young lady may go along with his strange lifestyle and reason, "Well, I need money, so I have to do what I have to do" or she will run for her life.

Many young women notice strange happenings with the rich and powerful, but are often silent, because they know what the ramifications might be if they should talk. Wealthy, powerful men (and women) will threaten, lie, blackmail, and do other things to ensure their young lovers will do what is asked without any conversation about it. Those who pretend to be rich will attempt to brainwash gullible young women into believing whatever they say so that they can get what they want. Then later, after being used and abused, some young ladies find out they were a part of a scam.

Besides coercing young women into things they may or may not want to do, some of the rich will also shower the naive individuals with gifts and help them in whatever they can to ensure that they will keep coming back giving them what they want when they want it. Sometimes guilt plays a part in all their giving with some rich gentlemen, while the world shouts, "Sugar Daddy." For some, they are not Sugar Daddies, just men who feel badly about what they do to the young after killing what little innocence they had left.

An older man pays off a young woman who he has taken advantage of, especially when he knows that he has shamed her in some way. It is better to send his plaything on her way happy; rather than scared, nervous, or in a rage. Women who have a mix of emotions that they can't fathom as a result of participating in things with the rich that have left them scarred (quite possibly for the rest of their lives) will not re-cover easily--money is nothing more than a band-aid for a bleeding heart and whatever else.

The compassionate rich older guy just might use others in his inner circle to so-called "help" his young partner if necessary especially if she is a real challenge to deal with or poses a risk to his reputation and businesses. Some of these older people are equally manipulative as the young woman's older date, and just might take advantage of the damsel in distress.

Young women who have survived dangerous situations with older men did the following:

1. Promise to keep secrets if the rich men agrees to help them, let them go, break it off with them, etc.

Depending on the situation, one who is in an emotionally and/or physically binding relationship that is filled with situations that could make the strongest man feel weak to his stomach, will eventually want to get out of it. If the wealthy man refuses to reach a compromise that will free the young woman from a relationship with him, she just might start telling others negative things about him. It would make sense to cut one's losses early and just move on with his life, but men who are ell-bent on controlling everyone and everything won't let go so easily.

2. Fight.

Some young women have had to literally fight their way out of debilitating relationships. They have had to kick, bite, punch, shove, and even put men in the hospital just to escape. If one is going to serial date, she should at least know how to fight, because she will never know when she might meet a man that might quite possibly strong arm her.

3. Threaten or call the police.

Who wants trouble from the police or wants to appear in court on a rape charge or something else? The young woman who refuses to go along with some horny old man's plan may tell him that she doesn't want to do this thing or that one and if he continues to insist, she will call the police. She might still call them, it all depends on how she views her experiences with dating the older man.

4. Bring a relative or friend along to her rich date's home, events, and other places that the young lady just doesn't feel comfortable going to alone.

It is unfortunate but some rich men fail at winning a young woman's trust, so she has to put her guards up when dealing with him. If she feels like he might try something she doesn't want, there are plenty of witnesses around to assist.

5. Arrange to meet in a public place and drive her own car to meet their date.

Once again, if the young woman doesn't completely trust the older man, she isn't going anywhere with him where she can't be seen by others. Bringing her own car is a means of escape--that is if she can get to it after the date.

6. Carry her own cash just in case she has to buy something to protect herself or leave her date's presence quickly.

From birth control to money for public transportation, even though she knows her older date has plenty of money, it doesn't mean that he will spend any of it on her, so she prepares herself just in case he tries to control her by not giving her any money to pay for something she needs.

7. Look for opportunities to escape when freedom is threatened.

Some young women aren't just riding in the car, hanging out with their older dates simply enjoying their company, they are always observing people, places and things that might help them later if something should go wrong during the date.

There are men in this world that won't take "No!" for an answer. An intelligent, young woman must think two steps ahead of her mature date and recognize when he is acting in ways that are making her feel uncomfortable.

1. He may act strangely, not making sense when conversing, aggressive, angry, or very fidgety. If so, there may have been a drink or drug that he took prior to meeting his date that is altering his personality. It would make sense not to go out with him.

2. He is cursing loudly, belittling his date, and doing other things that draw attention to himself and her, because his young date rejected his advances, objected to something she said, or talked negatively to him about one thing or another. Maybe she has nothing to do with his mood swing, but whatever the case she had ought to get away from him. The rich man might make excuses for his behavior and act nicely for a time, but there is a good possibility that he might start lashing out on the young lady again.

3. He is very sweet and charming in the beginning of the relationship, but then as the night wears on, he starts saying things that annoy her, insists on touching her while making her feel like she must have sex with him.

If any of these things are happening early on in the dating relationship, just imagine what else is to come! Young women everywhere, heed helpful advice and don't put yourselves in positions that you can't get out of--no matter how nice, generous or helpful your date appears to be. Observe your surroundings, tell family and friends where you will be. Enable tracking on your cell phone and hide it somewhere if need be. Leave a note in a public place asking for help or make eye contact with someone looking fearful. Always be prepared to scream, fight and run. Wear the kind of clothing and shoes that won't hinder your getting away from a mentally disturbed man.
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