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There are lots of perspectives if you consider a longterm relationship to a younger lady or a rich, mature gentleman but this doesn´t mean that its more difficult than a normal realationship and also nowadays this is not very outstanding anymore.
How to Recognize the Lazy, Rich Man
Many young women assume that every rich, older man who has great wealth must be a hard worker, dedicated to his craft, and responsible. But for some mature gentleman, this isn't always the case. Some wealthy men may have once worked long hours in their youth, but by the time they reach middle age or older they don't have much to do. Others inherited wealth and spend much time enjoying life's pleasures. Therefore, if one appears to have much money, it doesn't mean that he is working daily to maintain it. For some men, they prefer to do nothing more than amuse themselves while others slave for them.

If you don't want to be the rich man's young, sexy housekeeper, cook or errand-runner, learn more about him before you sleep with him.

1. He doesn't cook and prefers that you or others do it for him.

Dining at restaurants can get boring. A rich bachelor who desires a great cook will eventually expect his young date to show off her skills. But, how long will she keep up the act before she tires of cooking for someone who just might not be interested in a long-term committed relationship? Notice how much junk food your date eats, that is a clear indication he is too lazy to learn how to cook simple meals for himself.

2. He isn't much interested in visiting public places.

Walking, running, driving, and participating in other physical activities makes some lazy men tired just thinking about them. He might even say, "I prefer watching sporting events on TV, not be a part of them." When he complains or digresses when you bring up suggestions, just know he might not be your type.

3. He doesn't like maintaining his household and rather someone else do it for him.

Some men will offer to pay their dates to organize and clean their residences. Why would they do such a thing? Because they don't want to get their hands dirty and besides, they assume that most young women are just dating older men for the money anyway, so why not make them work? You might want to reconsider dating someone who asks you to perform household duties and other chores for him not that long after meeting him.

4. He doesn't bother to fix anything no matter how minor it is.

Whether it is a nail that came out of something or a part that simply needs to be screwed back on, if he procrastinates about it or makes excuses, you definitely have a lazy man on your hands. Hopefully, you might have a handy girl skill or two.

5. He enjoys indulging his five senses so much that he rather do what he likes then try to appease others.

You mention attending an event, traveling somewhere fun, or meeting with relatives and friends and he doesn't seem too interested. What is the benefit to him? A lazy man that is use to staying at home needs to be persuaded as to why he should go anywhere during his leisure time.

6. He prefers eating over doing anything else.

Lazy people usually don't take good care of themselves, so walking any distance is usually out of the question. But when one mentions, "How about trying that new restaurant down the street?" They are all ears. Your lazy date might display disinterest in anything but food. Unless you both share a common interest, it won't be much fun watching him stuff his face every time he has a free moment.

7. Everything is always within reach from the remote control to his favorite pair of shoes.

Lazy people don't like climbing stairs, bending over, looking underneath anything, or walking to get something. So when you see that everything has to be near him, he just might be the lazy type.

8. He doesn't like doing too much of anything that might potentially inconvenience him.

From having to drive a distance away to see a ball game to helping a friend who needs to go to more places than just one, he will either complain while doing it or look for reasons to get out of doing some things that require him to go out of his way to help someone else. Think wisely, how might he react to you when you are in need?

9. When something really needs to be done, he will think to delegate first rather than do it himself.

A simple thing that you might get done in 10 minutes, he might stress about it for 20 minutes. A man who has much money prefers to pay others to do things for him; rather than get involved directly.

10. He is often moody.

A lazy man who just isn't doing too much of anything is not going to be the nicest person to be around. Oftentimes you will find that you have to keep adjusting your mood just to deal with him. Disagreements may take place and accusations of being lazy will be thrown his way and to that he might say, "I'm not lazy, you are." Lazy older guys are also childish at times.

Always take some time to observe your date, looking for signs that he is the lazy type. Don't offer to do anything for him. Be prepared for a date's laziness to interfere with things like: picking up the phone to confirm things, sharing details about one's life, and an avoidance of certain physical activities.

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