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Welcome to "Marry rich man" - lots of interesting and important information concerning relationships with younger women and mature, rich men, Millionaires and Sugardaddies.

There are lots of perspectives if you consider a longterm relationship to a younger lady or a rich, mature gentleman but this doesn´t mean that its more difficult than a normal relationship and also nowadays this is not very outstanding anymore.
Dating Strategy - Be prepared before you jump into the Ocean of Hope, Promises, Romance Scammers, Gold Diggers and of course your Potential Partners.
If you play Chess for the first time you will have only a merely small or even no chance of winning the game. If you really don´t know anything about the game you won´t even be able to make your first useful move. And it won´t be easy to find a suitable opponent or even somebody who will help you. Everything needs practice, experience and a willing attitude. And even expert players need training and development in their skills.

Here is an intersting Video about Dating Techniques - Science of Attraction:

The interesting thing about dating is, that it is almost the same as playing a game but the more professional we play the more professional and well prepared will be our opponnents. This might sound funny at first but the more practial experience you make the more you will believe in this simple relation. So the first thing before you do anything about "dating" is to go inside yourself. Look at you from a neutral point of view, consider several external positions. Think how people might see you, your character, Lifestyle and what you claim for, try to find your social values, in which position you are. Are you a Millionaire or a casual, handsome Business man or just a normal worker, a teacher, an artist, musician or whatever. Could you manage to forefeit most of your goals already and are you a lucky person? You should be at least pleased and quite satisfied with yourself before you start jumping in the field and search for a match.

Now you might think whats all this about but the magic, powerful task when you seek for someone special is not that you might find your potential match but that somebody will find you. And you should be prepared for this special moment in life. Mostly this happens when and where you never expect it. Remember: What you seek for will find you ! Everybody sends out energy in so called morphogenetic fields. But be careful, you must also know what you are actually looking for, do you seek for a very close relationship or just a romance or an affair ? And how much time do you want to invest, do you have or want children someday etc. All these important facts should be well considered. And thats why you should first examine your lifestyle very precisely before you start to develop your personal strategy: are you really ready for a relationship? If you want to know more about this you should consult a coach.

If you are ready for dating and you are prepared with the right proportion of information, will and time, you must create a very serious profile of your identity. And how could this be better done when you really know who you are and what you want.
These facts make it so complicated and hard for potential partners to finde themselves, somebody who is really seeking for marriage shouldn´t get acquainted to somebody who is still married and not yet divorced. Another fact why Online Dating can take a lot of time is that not everybody is running on the right track. So everybody has to find a suitable website and there are hundreds of them. But if you are a mature Gentlemen or a young Lady seeking a trustful man you can register at and may have a lot of fun:

Now as you have registered and created a serious profile of yourself, you should be aware about some dangerous traps awaiting you:

Be aware of Social Engenieering. Lots of Romance- Scammers and Gold Diggers are on websites and use any kind of Profile Identities. So you will quickly receive some mails where somebody needs urgent help or where somebody loves you really quickly.
So take it easy and look around very cautiously. A serious person would never write about love very quickly or ask for a money transfer per Western Union. So never send money to anybody not even when you have met this person in reality, why should you ? And you won´t believe how many people still step into these traps although they know about these methods.

When you upload your pictures be very careful and use a digital watermark as you see in Point 1. you might find your pictures in one or several various Dating Sites and this won´t make you happy. Also consider that it is hard to get your own pictures removed, mostly you need a lawyer who will take the right steps to remove the fake- profile with your stolen ID. So hide your pictures and show them only to your favourite matches which you can select on almost any sites.

Please write very personal and answer only to personal mails which are related to your profile. And don´t be too shy ! Furthermore, the most important fact is: Patience.

If you had an unsuccessful date, don´t give up. Its like a game, keep trying, read books and interesting articles about Psychology, Love, Relationships etc., there are many dating- related topics.

You will find more valueable information on this site. So keep in touch - we wish you great luck!

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