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There are lots of perspectives if you consider a longterm relationship to a younger lady or a rich, mature gentleman but this doesn´t mean that its more difficult than a normal realationship and also nowadays this is not very outstanding anymore.
Sometimes it can be helpful to hire a ghostwriter

If you don´t have much time or experience in online dating is is sometimes better to assign somebody who will do a lot of work and research for you. Studies show that this procedure is done quite often as its hard to imagine that (besides Scammers or Gold Diggers) you are not writing with the Profile you see on the pictures. Besides you should never be sure that the Person you are wrtiting with is the one you think he or she could be. But we don´t want to look at the negative aspects now as ghostwriting can have many advantages:

Despite you can afford it, why not outsource somebody who will select potential partners for you and start to make contact with them ? Also can a Ghostwriter help you a lot with your profiling. A good picture is everything, most people fail because they have the wrong Images or "About me´s" in their Profile. Here it is very important to instruct your Ghostwriter very well with your needs and wishes and that you provide lots of information so that your Profile can set up a very high value.
Even more important is that the Ghostwriter is briefed about your lifestlyle, habits, etc. so he can work even better undercover for you.

The Ghostwriter should and can only work to a certain point as it might be disappointing when it comes out that there is a cloaking to your identity here when you take over control. So he should only find matching Profiles and make a quick first contact.
Only if you are experienced and have a very reliable, trustful ghostwriter and you know each other for a longer time, it is possible to some setps ahead and even arrange various dates.
The Scenario should be open or hidden, it depends on in which Dating Sites you aim your potential partners. The more value and money you have in society, the more anonymous you might want to be so a ghost writer or kind of secretary is mandatory.
Also people should be more tolerant and open for this kind of procedure as it takes a lot of time to find a good contact in a dating site.

Ghost writing shouldn´t be abusing towards the other members in dating communities. Unfortunately many Dating Providers use Undercover Animators and writers with the goal to catch more Premium Members. So here is another trap you could fall in but your ghostwriter, if he is experienced enough, can find this out for you and skip these Fake Profiles. Thats why it is very important that the Ghostwriter and the client need a trustful relationship and a good contract.
Of course somebody who can afford a writer for his goals has more advantages.

Most Books and many articles in the web are written by Ghostwriters so this is already a normal task in our society. Many Politicians or Business Men have their consulters and writers, so if you are convinced to do this, don´t hesitate to contact us.
We can make you an offer for profiling you in the correct sites and find lots of potential matches and dates for you as we have gained a lot of experience in the last years.

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